Crazy P

Mixology is delighted to announce the inaugural appearance of one of the most exciting and innovative dance producers of the last decade Crazy P at RED | ROOM. Crazy P’s James Baron, a.k.a. Ron Basejam, will be gracing the Mixology decks on Friday 30th November. Arguably the most talented -yet understated- creative geniuses of the new disco generation ‘Crazy P’ have embraced and invigorated dance floors all over the world for more than fifteen years.Their first four albums ‘A Nice Hot Bath With’(1999); ‘The Wicked Is Music’ (2002); ’24 Psychedelic Freakout’ (2003) and ‘A Night On Earth’ (2004) saw Crazy P gain acclaim, record sales, DJ gigs, and most pertinently, live shows, across the world. Preceding the return to fashion for disco and boogie by about two years, ‘Stop Space Return’ (2008) showed a new breed of producers that Crazy P were right on top of their game – with the ‘new school’ of artists like Jamie Jones, Wolf and Lamb, Reboot, and KiNK on the phone for remixes, alongside pop acts such as VV Brown, Empire of the Sun, and Sam Sparro who all wanted a little bit of discoid magic! Their 2011 Album on 2020Vision ‘When We On’ which featured ground-breaking tracks such as ‘Beatbox’, ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Changes’ is already being hailed as one of their finest.Besides 6 artist albums Crazy P has also produced numerous side projects and remixes. To name a few; Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’, Greg Paulus’ ‘Nitetime’ and The White Lamp’s ‘It’s You’ have been uniquely refined to encapsulate the Crazy P sound.


The RED | ROOM in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire was once an old stage room to the prestigious Embassy building where artists such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones once played. Still maintaining its heritage, the RED | ROOM is now a new music based establishment aimed at showcasing artists and DJ’s from around the globe. The exciting 400 capacity venue features a powerful Martin Audio Sound System and a cleverly positioned LED DJ booth which turns the whole venue into one intimate dance floor!