Paul Woolford


It’s the season of giving and in typical festive Mixology fashion we’re giving you one of the most revered DJs in electronic music. We welcome the incredible PAUL WOOLFORD to Mixology!!!

When it comes to scintillating, go-to dance floor bangers, Paul Woolford has an insatiable ability to create. Piano riffs, orchestral blends and pacing kick drums are all notable production elements in a discography spanning 15 years. Tracks such as ‘Erotic Discourse’, ‘Untitled’, ‘MDMA’, ‘Forevermore’, have been some of our favourite to play out at Mixo and always gravitate everyone to the dance floor!

Our second treat for you is the return of Purple Room. Last year Alisha had the room in raptures with her frenetic, rolling tech-house sound. She’ll be headlining the room this year with a host of other names too.

With our trusty trio of residents Tom Skinner, Dan Clare & James Chan and ‘Them Waves’ duo Joe Canty & John Marshall setting the pace, you know you’re going to be in for a night of exceptional electronic music.


The RED | ROOM in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire was once an old stage room to the prestigious Embassy building where artists such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones once played. Still maintaining its heritage, the RED | ROOM is now a new music based establishment aimed at showcasing artists and DJ’s from around the globe. The exciting 400 capacity venue features a powerful Martin Audio Sound System and a cleverly positioned LED DJ booth which turns the whole venue into one intimate dance floor!